Teeth Whitening

We Are Plano’s Teeth Whitening Experts

Here at Crystal Creek Dental, Implants and Orthodontics in Plano, we know that our community offers lots to smile about. Don’t let stained or dull teeth be a reason to hide your smile. Studies have shown that people who are confident about their smile, tend to smile more and as a result are generally happier. If you are like many people out there, who enjoy coffee, tea, chocolate, wine or any of the other countless ways that teeth can become discolored or stained, you may be hesitant about smiling and flashing those pearly whites…. Because well, maybe they aren’t so “pearly white” right now. That can be changed in a matter of minutes – literally – 20 minutes to be exact.

Our dentist, Dr. An Q Le is now offering a Teeth Whitening Special to those in the Plano area for those that are looking to enhance their smiles with beautiful, bright and white teeth. This special is being offered to those in the Plano area for only $149 for one treatment, which in many cases is all you will need.

At Crystal Creek Dental, Implants and Orthodontics our teeth whitening treatments are painless. Here at our Plano office, we have seen patient after patient looking to brighten their smile, but as we began talking with them about their questions and concerns we started noticing a trend – tooth sensitivity due to the teeth whitening system some offices use. This tooth and gum sensitivity that often comes with the usual whitening systems that are out there, was such a concern for some patients, that it was creating fear or anxiety for what should be a simple, quick and pain-free procedure. Some dental offices that offer teeth whitening do so with a treatment that for some, creates so much sensitivity that it forces patients into needing to use numbing agents to make the treatment tolerable. That is simply not the case here at Crystal Creek Dental.

We use the Smile Perfected whitening system which helps our patients achieve 1 ½ to 2 shaded brighter results in just one visit. This is with the bonus of NO sensitivity. The Smile Perfected whitening system does not contain peroxide. This unique teeth whitening system is very successful, hassle-free, and takes less time than other treatments that are often painful during and after treatment.

Our patients have had rave reviews about this system and while, one for one, they are thrilled with the results, they are even happier at the ease and how fast the treatment is. For anyone in the area looking to enhance their smile in a pain-free way this is an excellent option and with the current special that we are offering, there really isn’t a better time to give it a try. Please do not hesitate to contact our office to take advantage of this offer now. Dr. Le and his staff at Crystal Creek Dental, Implants and Orthodontics look forward to helping you achieve a brighter, whiter, smile today.