Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles

If your smile does not look its best and you want results immediately, Crystal Creek Dental can help. You can get a gorgeous smile in as little as 6 months with Six Month Smiles. This breakthrough treatment uses wires and brackets that are either clear or color-matched to teeth so that they are discreet and comfortable. Your teeth could be straighter in much less time than they would be with traditional braces or Invisalign.

How Does It Work?

Your Crystal Creek dentist will do a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth to determine if you are a candidate for the treatment. They will take several x-rays and photographs of your mouth and face before discussing your treatment options with you. Your dentist will then send your information and x-rays into the Six Month Smiles office, where they will create a custom treatment plan for you.

Will the Braces Hurt?

You will go to the dentist to get your braces fitted, but this is likely to be the most discomfort experienced during the whole process. Most patients do not report pain or discomfort with Six Month Smiles. They do not have to be as tight as traditional braces, so there is less force pushing onto teeth. The Six Month Smile braces do not have to be tightened as often as traditional braces, either. This means you make fewer trips to the dentist and don’t have to endure aches and pains after your initial fitting.

How Long Will My Straight Teeth Last?

Your teeth have the tendency to return to their previous position if they are not coaxed into staying into place. For this reason, you should wear a retainer after your orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smiles is over. Your Crystal Creek dentist will provide you with permanent retainers custom-made to keep your teeth from moving into their original position.

If you want a more beautiful smile, consider Six Month Smiles the next time you visit your local Dallas dentist office. Our treatment plan can give you a dazzling set of teeth in 4 to 9 months.