Invisalign® in Plano TX

If you are looking to get your teeth aligned in a way that is both discrete and efficient, then look no further than Invisalign®. Those that seek orthodontic treatment often are turned away by the fact that traditional orthodontic treatment utilizes unsightly brackets and wires. Not only does this kind of treatment look more harsh but at times it can also be much more painful. Invisalign® offers a special set of advantages that before it, orthodontic treatment was never able to provide. Invisalign® consists of a set of clear aligners that have also offered older patients the option of finally getting their teeth straightened if they have passed the normal age of wearing traditional braces. Let's take a look at exactly what Invisalign® is, and whether or not it is the right option for you.

Is Invisalign® Just Clear Plastic?

In short, no, Invisalign® is much more than just clear plastic. Invisalign® consists of a transparent set of plastic trays that are interchanged every two weeks, sometimes more or less, depending on the instructions given to you by your orthodontist. These clear plastic aligners work by moving your teeth slowly in a carefully planned sequence. These trays are made by taking a mold of your teeth that completely covers each inch and gradually moves them into a new position that you and your dentist have both discussed together as a goal for the end of your treatment.

The Benefits that Come With Invisalign®

In order to see the benefits that come with Invisalign®, you first need to know whether or not you are the right candidate for such a system. If you find that you have minimum spacing or crowding in your teeth, and the back of your teeth form a good bite, then Invisalign® is a treatment that your dentist or orthodontist can recommend. However, if your upper and lower jaws are experiencing misalignment, then traditional braces may be the route you should take.

However, assuming that you are the right candidate, some of the benefits associated with Invisalign® include:

  • If you or your child participates in contact sports, your aligners are easily replaced with protective mouthpieces for added safety.
  • Oral hygiene is much easier to maintain and more effective than traditional braces as the transparent trays can be taken out during the time of cleaning.
  • You will be able to continue enjoying the foods that you previously did while simultaneously aligning your teeth.

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