Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Plano TX

The benefits of permanent teeth are numerous and are often taken for granted until it’s time to have permanent teeth pulled (whether just one, multiple or if you are considering a full smile make-over). 80% of the people in Plano who wear lower, partial or complete dentures and are NOT satisfied with their comfort are in need of dental implants. People who suffer from pain, both in the mouth and gastro-intestinally due to tooth/bone loss are also in need of dental implants. When one loses teeth, there is bone-loss in the jaw due to having no roots in that particular tooth, area or the mouth as a whole. Leading to lose facial bone structure and support which can create a sunken mouth appearance. According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, a person’s lifespan may be significantly shortened when teeth are not present to help process food and nutrients correctly. One way we can give you back your teeth is through dental implants! Many patients face day to day uncomfortable situations that can be simply fixed with the help of dental implants.

If you have dentures already or are considering getting dentures vs. dental implants, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you able to chew, taste and enjoy the foods you love?
  • Do you have to use adhesives to keep your dentures or teeth in place?
  • Do you miss a full and confident smile?
  • Do you feel that your breath is fresh and clean or are you always a little bit concerned it may be off-putting?
  • Do you ever experience sores in your mouth due to dentures or bridge piece?
  • If you are missing one or more teeth
  • If you wear an upper and/or lower denture
  • If you wear an upper and/or lower partial denture or bridge
  • If you have or had progressive gum disease
  • If you are experiencing bone shrinkage
  • And are in generally good health

Dental Implants could be the answer you are looking for.

At Crystal Creek Dental in Plano, we have used dental implants to benefit patients from 16 years old to patients 90 years young in Plano. The circumstances range from tooth loss due to an accident, decay, or maybe they were never there to begin with, but with the help of dental implants, patients from Plano have a second chance. Dental implants are a fantastic option that can fix your insecurities and boost confidence!

Dental Implants have quickly become the best option for replacing missing teeth for the community of Plano. Many patients in Plano are tired of the inconvenience of dentures and want a permanent precisely like dental implants. Our implant dentistry services include single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, and implant-supported dentures. We are proud to be the dentist Plano TX prefers for dental implants.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

If you have lost a single tooth due to an accident or from periodontal disease, that one tooth can be easily replaced using a dental implant by our dentist in Plano. The single dental implant is an efficient way to restore your smile fast. Because your new dental implant will look and function just like your other natural teeth.

Multiple Dental Implants

Occasionally a patient is missing more than one tooth, but still has healthy gums and surrounding teeth, and many dental implants are the best solution. Two dental implants are implanted and the crown is attached, leaving other natural teeth intact. The multiple dental implants are not for everyone, and even if a patient is only missing a few teeth, it may still be preferable to perform an all-on-four procedure.

All-on-Four Implants

Dental implant patients in Plano who need to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth can now receive all-on-four dental implants. An oral surgeon will place four dental implants and then attach a full arch of teeth, giving the procedure its name. This dental implant practice is excellent for patients who need a full-mouth restoration.

If you are considering dental implants, please do not hesitate to contact our office in Plano for a consultation. We understand it can be a daunting circumstance to face. Dealing with teeth can be difficult, and scary for many patients but our Doctor in Plano is specially trained in all phases of successful dental implant treatment and is here to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Visit Crystal Creek Dental to start your dental implant journey for a stronger and beautiful smile.