Dental Crowns: Purpose, Procedure, Complications and Care

Dental Crowns: Purpose, Procedure, Complications and Care

Sep 01, 2019

A dental crown is one of the best discoveries happened because it is used in multiple dental procedures and provides your teeth with a better look, strength, and shape. When it was not available then dental conditions were weak, fractured and/or uncomfortable. It was very difficult to deal with these kinds of situations and patients were not even satisfied with the treatments. As dentist in Plano, TX suggests that crown is a very important element for most of the dental procedures.

What is a dental crown and what is the purpose of the same?

A dental crown is a cap which provides strength to the teeth, color as well as shape to your teeth. Dentist in Frisco TX provides a customized cap which looks and works like original teeth. It would be very difficult for you to differentiate between natural teeth verses crown teeth. A dental crown is used in many procedures in the following ways-

  • If your teeth are weak or cracked in that case dental crown can help your teeth by providing the right strength to the teeth
  • If your teeth have worn down because of any reason then Frisco dentist, can restore it with the help of a crown
  • Due to the cavity, your tooth is not in condition to hold the filling then dental crown provides your teeth with the right shape and strength
  • Dental crown plays an important role in the cosmetic modification of teeth as dentist in Allen, TX mention
  • If your teeth get knocked because of an accident, then either you go for dental denture or implant method and both of them use dental crown

What is the procedure to get a dental crown?

Dentist in Lewisville, TX suggest that the process of dental crown is simple even though it would take two visits to get the dental crown. In first visit, dentist in Plano takes x-rays from a different angle so that they know exactly what the problem is and what should be the shape of the crown. Dentist in Carrollton, TX take either digital impression or use putty to take the impression of the teeth. This impression is sent to the dental lab and they make a dental crown. Before you get the permanent crown, the dentist provides you with temporary crown. Once it is ready then in the next visit the dentist uses anesthesia and places the permanent crown in place of the temporary crown.

What are the complications faced with the dental crown?

Discomfort or Sensitivity: This is one of the problems people face when the effect of anesthesia is down. If there are any nerves left, then you can face this problem. Plano dental can recommend you a sensitivity toothpaste. If you are still not feeling comfortable with crown, then it would be the best idea that you contact the Lewisville dentist.

Chipped Crown: People have a tendency to chew pencils, nails, ice and so on. You need to stop doing that because there are high chances that you may get cracked or chipped crown. Any hard object can be harmful to the crown so you should make sure that you are not hurting your crown in anyway.

Loose Crown: Many times fillings are used before placing the crown and sometimes that filling is wasted out and reduced in quantity. This can create problem if you do not take immediate care because this is the right place for the bacteria to grow. If you find your teeth are loose then contact the Allen dental immediately.

How should you take care of a dental crown?

  • You need to leave the bad habits of chewing pencils, ice or nails. They can harm your crown and break it.
  • You also need to leave cigarettes or alcohol, because it affects adversely to your teeth and reduces the life of the crown
  • You need to clean them properly so that it would last for long

If you still have any doubts regarding dental crown, then you can contact the Crystal Creek Dental. You can easily find them when you search for Carrollton dentist. They are a group of very renowned dentists who handle a lot of similar cases. They will help you out by clearing all the doubts and making sure that you get the right advice as well as the right treatment.