Cavity Fillings: What to Expect, Types & Potential Problems

Cavity Fillings: What to Expect, Types & Potential Problems

Apr 01, 2019

The process of filling cavities is quite simple and done at your dentist’s office usually in one session.

Filling Cavities: What to Expect

You can expect to be at the dental clinic in Plano, TX for around an hour. He will first take the X-ray if needed and then numb your tooth and gum before filling the cavity. This will let you be comfortable during the procedure. He will drill the decay out and clean it for clearing the infection. He will them fill the cavity with a filling which will take only few minutes. In case you observe anything abnormal, you must contact your dentist immediately. Fillings are used for cavity but they can also be used for repairing damaged teeth caused by grinding.

Types of Cavity Fillings

You can find several options when it comes to tooth fillings and every option has its own benefits and disadvantages. There is a wide variety of material available for filling dental cavity which may vary in color and strength. The common types of filling are:

  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Composite fillings
  • Amalgam fillings

Taking Care of Cavity Fillings

You can experience some sensitivity and pain after receiving tooth fillings. You can try some products which are specially designed to protect the sensitive teeth along with providing protection against future tooth decay.

When to Replace a Cavity Filling

Usually, the tooth filling lasts for several years but it can wear out due to chewing, biting, or grinding. If you notice any signs of wear on your teeth, you need to visit the dentist in TX 75024 and get the filling replaced.

Other Potential Problems with Cavity Fillings

  • Infection
  • Sometimes the cavity filling will pull away from the tooth creating space which can become the breeding ground for bacteria and lead to additional decay.

  • Damage
  • Sometimes the filling cracks, breaks, or falls out. It can happen while biting or if something hit your mouth.

    You need to see the dentist in Plano, TX immediately in case of issues with fillings.